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When this is My Heaven
and my summer sucks.... 
9th-Jun-2011 04:40 pm
Hiroto is my Heaven
ugh babysitting weekdays... doing other crap on weekends. And not really touching my poor neglected fics!!  


I feel like such a bad writer! I'm sorry my readers!! ♥ BUTsoon though!!
I hope!! very soon! I'm starting the next one for AA and Please Don't.... but the others will be done soon I'm hoping!


and not to mention the preparations 4 senior year... ugh the stresses of summer....


save me an angel and let it take me away~

anyways... on another note... and my drama has now died down a bit to my intimate friend. He txts me at least every other day. I guess and we always say 'i love u' and send '-chu-' after we're all done talking. Yeah anyways. I shouldn't grow too attatched. 

but yes...

love all of you and I will get this all done soon I will!!

I shall!!


BLUE FLAME !!! *_____*

10th-Jun-2011 01:58 am (UTC)
first of all... LOL at epic ending XD
second... how old is the kid you're babysitting?
10th-Jun-2011 08:11 pm (UTC)
haha aww thanks!
and the 'kid' happens to be a group of 7 lil kids! 0____0"

4 perverted lil boys and 3 lil crybaby girls! TT^TT
the boys are ages 1,2,3,n,4 the girls are 1,2, n 4.

they aren't fun believe me... they are when it's after a long time n a visit... but oh every single day is TORTURE! ;A;
11th-Jun-2011 02:56 am (UTC)
oh god 1~4?! that's gotta be torture.
good luck buddy, and stay alive.
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