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When this is My Heaven
Wow.... it's been A WHILE HUH?! 
25th-Jul-2012 12:21 am
Hiroto is my Heaven

This is my summer... and sadly it's wasting away!! None of my fics were ever polished with updates... I was doing my school stuff... fresh out of high school and over to college now... oh fun...>>" even then hopefully i'm not so bad at updating... ^w^;;

LOL last entry was in 2011... now it's like mid 2012!! Uwah how time passes us by...

and this yeah SO MUCH drama has happened to me emotionally regarding relationship stuff. My crush i was mentioning didn't go well... then there was this one humiliation I got on Valentine's day... and then I just got dumped by my first boyfriend..... but we're still close... haha I think the last heartbreak didn't hurt as much as the two before...

But yeah my first bf is still on my mind and I want us to work somehow...

I know u guys might not care for my useless life relationship ramlbing and I am terribly sorry for the LACK OF FANFICTIONS!! But I promise you I WILL TRY!

Loving you guys still even without seeing all ur wonderful comments in a while....

26th-Jul-2012 04:47 am (UTC)
Waaaah welcome back!
I missed your fics. I hope your relationship troubles get worked out. :)

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