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When this is My Heaven
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29th-May-2011 09:53 pm - OLG CHAP 6
Hiroto is my Heaven
Author: ameshizuku 
Title: Our little gift.
Chapter: 6
Band: Alice Nine
Pairing: ShouxHiroto (main) ToraxSaga, NaoxKai, and maybe some more...??
Disclaimer: Alice Nine members and Gazette members own themselves... I did nothing but create a wanted fantasy between them all.
Rating: PG-13-ish
Summary: Remember when you said you'd take care of me no matter what? Well I don't think I matter as much anymore... We have a new situation.

Archive: http://ameshizuku.livejournal.com/26691.html

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25th-May-2011 02:23 pm - DRAMATIC poetry
Hiroto is my Heaven

So yes... maybe you have read my drama in school... so I wrote about them in poetry~ 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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22nd-May-2011 02:19 pm - ONESHOT
Unwritten Love

Title: Push Push ~ 1shot ~ 
Band: Alice Nine
Pairing: shouXhiroto
Disclaimer: Do not own characters....only story line...
Summary: On a little vacation in Korea, and songs... well let's say they can really push Shou into some other thinking....

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22nd-May-2011 01:13 pm - Double Date ONESHOT
Aoi Uruha
Title: Double Date
Band: Alice Nine
Pairing: shouXhiroto/ toraXsaga
Disclaimer: Do not own characters....only story line...
Rating: PG-13??
Summary: Just a little double date fun...LOL

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22nd-May-2011 12:30 pm - I AM SORRY MY LOVIES!!

Dear my lovely READERS~ ~ ~ ~



I feel so horrable! But I'm doing my best trying to get all my grades right where they need to be okay??!! Next week I hope I can post more!! ♥
I might try completeing oneshots here and there, but this year mom wants me to get a summer job... I'm also going to take a summer reading class (lol believe it or not I HATE reading) and UGH I need to start constructing my prom dress too!!

Aww well hope you guys forgive me! I haven't touched my fics in forever and I so so WANT to! But it's school.... not college yet! But stupid high school! Can u Believe it?? LOL

anyways... not only are there grades on my mind... but drama. Ugh never knew I'd get this tied up into my own emotions. I now have three crushes that are, well I have no clue, I just like 'em all. You already heard about my friend who's taken but I still like... and maybe about my art buddy who messes with me.... but now... oh now...

I kinda strated getting a little 'intimate' with a sophmore buddy who was been tainting my innocent mind! (LOL ikr hard to believe w/ all the smut I write..XD") and yeah.... he likes to hold my hands and sit next to me. I bite him, I think he likes it.... 0__0" and OH MY- He leaned over to my neck on friday and blew on it! It shocked me very much! Just because I stole his pencil and... he didn't have the right mind to just steal mine!

Oh goodness.....I hope I can get over this soon..... ALL OF THIS!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Love love love all you guys and please forgive me!!!

From: Ame-chan~ 
4th-May-2011 11:00 pm - To the dear love of my life....
Bleeding Beauty

It is never hard to find that adorable side of you that everyone loves,
It is never hard to say yes to your big eyes and your longing pout.

It is never hard to forgive you for what you've done,
It is never hard to console you when you're down.

It is never hard to see your smile,
It is never hard to feel your joy.

With you everything seems entirely possible.

But for now....
it is always hard to never dream about your arm in mines.



and to this I wish you the very best day marking another year of your beauty that walks the face of the earth~!

♥ ♥ ♥

So in love with Hiroto.... darn.... aren't we all??

Author: ameshizuku 
Title: Giliath E' I' Dome (Stars in the Night)
Band: Alice Nine
Pairing: shouXhiroto
Disclaimer: Do not own characters TT3TT
Rating: whatever SMUT is rated XD"
Author NOTE: Yes, another oneshot situated where they are elves... but this time... I won't let you down! This one's going ALL the way!!
Summary: Within the Elven realms of another world, a blonde searches for a gift to give his dearly beloved. As the day turns to nightfall, and his lover comes back from his family gathering, what does he have in mind for his lover's day of birth?

Luckily, he has a plan in mind. With some sweet talking and movements of his hands, I believe, he knows what he's doing.

You and I are stars in the night skyCollapse )

Hiroto is my Heaven

OKAY!! Here's a little story...LOL:


Nina: Uwaahhh!! Kakkoii!!! *SUPER ECITED UNTIL.....*

*sees pon w/ a naked CHICK*

Nina: OH WTF!?!!?! 0_____0""""

OH HEEEELLLL NOO!!! That lady better not be all up on my cutie pie! 


I'm such a dork... but did u see it??!! So while watching that Pv.... I'm just gonna say that a whore kidnaps pon and shou's depressed cuz he misses his lover like always.... LOL ♥ ♥ ♥ And Saga and Tora are apart after a fight or wtvr... and poor Nao is upset cuz everyone's in a non-normal state of mind...


yeah.... that's all.... bai bai~~


THEY ARE LOVE!!   ♥♥♥ 

19th-Apr-2011 05:14 pm - All better and running! XD"
Beneath the moon with you~
Okay so me n my buddy are just suffering through a bit of drama on our own...

She made the first move to one guy, but has stronger feelings for another, now she has to tell him and confront the one she confessed to. On top of all that she's juggling her friends' drama as well as her own. I'm wishing her the best of luck! She talks to me about most of it~

As for me oh well, it's not open drama, but just drama to myself actually. Liking my good friend who's got a gf, and I kinda feel we have some sort of connection... but yeah not sure. Then there's this other boy who sits next to me in art. Yeah the PERVERT. But hey he's kinda cute....LOL so we love to tease each other. And sometimes when I'm scolding him, he just stares at me in deep thought. I almost poked his eye out trying to snap him out of it...LOL But anyways... no one knows about it.... and I hope things clear up... so yeah. >///////<

wish i could actually see my drama buddy, but we're like halfway around the world... so we just chat and hope things get better...

♥ I know they shall... Alice Nine's right beside us when we need HOT eye candy...


Well updates ahead! Please be patient... I sorry it take forever!! ;A; LOL YAY engrish!

♥ x ♥ x ♥ x ♥
19th-Apr-2011 03:46 pm - NIMBER 8 of do you love me?
Title: Do you... love me?
Author: [info]ameshizuku 
Chapter: 8/?
Band(s)/Artist(s): Alice Nine, The Gazette, Kagrra, Melody., Miyavi
Nao(a_9)xKai (mian), SagaxTora, AoixUruha, RukixReita, ToraxSaga, ShouxHiroto, MiyavixMelody., IsshixAkiya, Nao(kagrra)xShin, IzumoxOC
Summary: School boys falling in love... sweetness!!
*Author's NOTE: I wrote this fanfic with one of my friends... haha not all of thses ideas came from me, but we worked together on this.. enjoy~♥ haha she got me into writing a NaoKai fic just to show 'em some love~

Previous: http://ameshizuku.livejournal.com/28208.html

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