ameshizuku's Journal

When this is My Heaven
Ina-Nina desu... ^-^

I AM A LOVER OF So many many awesome Jrockers....
My Top band is ALICE NINE....
and other bands I also love are Gazette (of course!) Kagrra, girugamesh, uverwold, plastic tree, dolly, acid, needless lyrics, bump of chicken,acidman, acid black cherry, sid, sug, kra, asian kung-fu generation, vidoll, and a lot more.... =^3^=

Writting is what I like to do (especially with Jrock) because I have no life and is a stupid tard...XD"" LOL

and I do sing at times, but my voice really hurts a lot of people's ears! XD"" (or that's what I think)I aloso love doodling a WHOLE bunch of chibi jrock pics, lolita designs, oc's, and random doodles.

hahah I also love dissing myself as you can see. Many ppl call me positive when I look at negative situations, but for myself, I'm always the opposite.

#1 RULE:

HIROTO belongs to SHOU!!
SHOU belongs to HIROTO!!!
(or either way, vice vera, I don't really care, it's just Shou and Hiroto.)

shou hiroto

#2 RULE:


alice nine

#3 RULE:

Jrock is everything in my heart..

PS company

(PsC rules!!)

and yes... that's pretty much all about me...oh oh oh!! I also love Prince of Tennis yaoi!! *0* FAV pairing?? The perfect pair of course!! my second fav is the golden pair... luv them both!! ^w^